Alberto’s 40th Birthday
December 1st, 2007
On Saturday December 1st we had a big party at our house to celebrate Alberto’s 40th birthday (which is actually on December the 5th). There was plenty of food and drink for all. Sarita made plenty of quiches, cheese spreads, canapes, cupcakes, and more.
Dari & Kirk, beers, flowers, and more
Angelina & Paty, out of focus
The Díaz Gallardo family, with Sam Adams
Adrian, Karien, Alberto, Dominique, Merlot, beer
... now we’re looking at the camera
Sheila, Haruyo, Melina, Brenda, lots of bottles
Sarita and D.A., video in the background
The effects of the emtpy bottles
Custom-made B-Day cake (Alberto at the Taj)
Sarita, treat bags, Lily
Alberto on his first slice (of like ten)
Patricio eating Dino-chicken
Jeremy and Alberto
Sarita, Heidi, Eric, caught by surprise (almost)
Eric, Alberto, and Heidi (no, not a meeting dude)
Sheila, Adrian, and Dominique
Karien with water, Brenda with Tequila
Sarita and Andrea (baklava chef)
Intellectual discussions, I think the beer won
I think Jeremy is talking about his Tequila
Jürgen (survived the carrots) with Sarita
Alberto and the Keebles
Roosens and Varelas
The spared Piñata (it was too cold outside)
The two 40-year-olds (though they act like kids)
Monsieur et Madame Payannet
Das Kurz familie
De Familie van Roosen
Ανδρεα ο αρτοποιός
(thanks for the baklava!)
Angelina, Kirk, and Sofía Prince (Victoria was sick)
Victoria Prince
Dari, Haruyo, and Melina (I don’t speak Sinhala)
La familia Díaz Gallardo (falta Sebastián)
The Familia Wadsworth-Cueto
D.A. or David Allen, never just Dave, or David
Norma y Connie con sus maridos